Perri MacKenzie
Artist, writer.
Curator of Kantine (with Kevin Gallagher).
Publisher of Leaky Press.
1986  Aberdeen, UK
Lives and works in Brussels, Belgium.
2014  Piet Zwart Institute, Hogeschool Rotterdam, NL, Master of Fine Arts
2008  Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art, UK, Bachelor of Fine Arts
Selected Exhibitions

      Try See, Try Say, Wilford X, Temse
      Autofiction, Fons Welters, Brussels
      Look! Lightning has struck the flowers, Sundy, London
      Kantine Blossoms, Kantine, Brussels
      Hot Author, Atelier Gordon Evans, Brussels (solo)
      Level Five Salon Sale, Level 5, Brussels
      ohm, FORMER, Brussels
      The Serving Library Collection, 019 Gent, Gent
      I AM SO MULTIPLE IN NIGHTS, SB34 The Pool, Brussels
      Noise! Frans Hals, Otherwise, Frans Hals Museum, Haarlem
      yes resonance, no reflection, Kantine, Brussels
      B-SIDES, Saloon, Brussels
      ICEY, Kantine, Amsterdam (solo)         
      The Life Intense, W139, Amsterdam
      Whiskers by the name of lilacs, Galerie Rianne Groen, Rotterdam
      A need to reply, Peach, Rotterdam
      Find yourself a human activity, Futura, Prague

       Kairos Time, TENT, Rotterdam
       Real Snow, Pracownia Portretu, ?ód?
       ‘Autofiction’ Reveals the Incoherent Principles of Ownership", Jim Van Geel, Frieze.
       'In Autofiction combineren kunstenaars het autobiografische met fictie.' Roos van der Lint, Grone Amsterdammer
        'Interview with Jacqueline de Jong, Justin John Greene, Perri MacKenzie'. Melanie Bühler, Frans Hals Museum Magazine       
        'In Conversation: Perri MacKenzie and Lisa Robertson'. Kairos Time, Piet Zwart Institute Publications
Selected Writing
     'Hot Author' Leaky Press
     'Batsheva Ross: Fitness Studies', Kantine
     'Metal + Wind' Air Aggregation, Rib Rotterdam
     'The Stakes are a Thick Vision: Images of Women Gambling in Eliot and De La Tour', Le Chauffage
     'Figuration', Figuration, Kevin Gallagher, Alma Sarif, Brussels
     ‘Polymorphic Light Eruption’, Something for the Ivory, Helen Dowling, MAMBO Bologna
     ‘For Brussels City, is Diversity More Than a Façade ?’ The
     'Is diversiteit voor Stad Brussel meer dan een façade? De Wereld
      'This is not a hard day: On the work of Monika Stricker' F.R. David
      '24hrs of inscape', Inscape at Sunrise, Kantine (with Aukje Koks)
      'A Diaphanous Ejaculation', R-DAMN, Bernd Krauss, Piet Zwart Publications
      'An invitation is sent out', Pracownia Portretu Publications
         'A Running Composition', The Serving Library #6
      ‘Triangle’ The Serving Library #2
        Illustration fantasy, 6-colour screenprint oh Heritage 350, edition of 12 plus 2 AP.
        Fountain, lithograph on Pure Silk paper, edition of 10 plus 2 AP.
        The predominant image in classical texts, lithograph on Simili paper, edition of 5 plus 2 AP.
        Pandora's Boy, Screenprint on Simili, edition of 10 plus 2 AP.
All editions printed at Frans Masereel Centrum and published by Leaky Press

Prizes and grants
2016  Centrum Beeldende Kunst Rotterdam: Research & Development Grant
      Niemeijer Fonds: Travel Grant
      International Summer Academy of Fine Arts, Salzburg: Scholarship
2012  Leverhulme Foundation: Study Abroad Studentship
2011  Banff Centre Thematic Residency: Scholarship
2009  Glasgow Visual Artist Grants
2008   Alan Woods Memorial Prize
2023   Frans Masereel Centrum, BE
2016   International Summer Academy of Fine Arts, Salzburg, AU
2015   Futura, Prague, CZ
2012   Creative Lab, Centre of Contemporary Art Glasgow, UK
2011   Thematic Residency with the Serving Library, Banff Centre, Banff, CA                
      Teacher of two experimental drawing classses for BFA students for one semester, ERG Brussels:
            Dessin d'observation (Drawing as a practical science), Bachelor 1
            Techniques Fondamentales (The Voice of Drawing), Bachelor 2
      Jury for BFA Students, ERG Brussels
      Seminar: 'Medium and Medium Critique', BFA students, LUCA Brussels
       Jury for BFA Students, LUCA Brussels
       'Exhibition-making workshop', BFA, LUCA Brussels (with Kevin Gallagher)
       Curator Talk, BFA, LUCA Brussels
       Seminar, Artnews, MFA, La Cambre, Brussels
       Curator Talk, MFA, Sint-Lucas Antwerp (with Kevin Gallagher)
       Artist Talk, BFA, KABK Den Haag
       Artist Talk, Drawing Programme, MFA, La Cambre, Brussels